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Safe-Xtract Products

Safe-Xtract Kits and Packs are the most advanced and capable that you can find.  Professional organizations including US Special Operations Command & many other governmental agencies, OEMs, commercial companies and professionals around the world have chosen the Safe-Xtract vehicle recovery system because it is comprehensive, simple and quite simply because it is the best.  


KITS AND KIT COMPONENTS: Safe-Xtract kits are designed to comprehensively outfit a vehicle with everything needed to perform all basic tenants of winch operation and vehicle recovery configurations, including: Single Line Pull (SLP), Double Line Pull (DLP) [for a 2:1 advantage], Re-Direct (RD), Traction “Xtraction” (TX), Momentum “Xtraction” (MX).  No other company offers all these capabilities in an integrated recovery kit.  The "Xtreme" versions of each kit contain additional equipment that enables the Spanish Burton (SB) recovery technique that provides an impressive 4:1 advantage on the winch against the load being pulled upon.  These kits and kit components are an interoperable part of the Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery System, which is the result of years of development in partnership with SOCOM with a focus on quality, safety and functional design.  Unique kit/component features that came out of this effort include: 

-Component MTS/coloring specifically designed for compatibility with proprietary Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery App & Field Training Protocol.
-Individual kit components engineered and matched for optimal interoperability.
-Designed in collaboration with SOCOM, made in the USA.
-Berry Amendment, Country Of Origin and Buy American Act compliant where applicable.
-NATC (Nevada Automotive Test Center) tested and approved.
-Enrolled as SOCOM mobility Program of Record component.
-Listed as recommended recovery equipment by the International 4WD Trainers Association.
-In service with US Army, SOCOM, DEA, National Nuclear Security/Office of Secure Transportation and more.