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Custom Recovery Kits

 When buying or building a Vehicle Recovery Kit, it is important to understand what you want your kit to be able to do.  A list of the fundamental Vehicle Recovery Configurations can be found here.  

Fundamental Vehicle Recovery Configurations can be divided into 2 Categories

   A) WINCHING (using Winch Line, Winch Line Extension, Tree Saver, etc).

   B) NON-WINCHING (typically using a Kinetic Recovery Rope or Strap). 

Knowing this, we at ASR have created a range of kits (in a wide variety of colors, of course!) that are designed to give you everything you need to execute one or more of these fundamental winching/non-winching recovery configurations.  Our kits leverage component versatility by featuring components that can be used in different ways for different recovery configurations.  This enables you to maximize the overall utility of your kit while minimizing the number of items you actually need, ultimately saving you valuable cargo space and money.  Click on a link below to find a kit tailored to your vehicle's exact needs!